The Secret to a Winning Strategic Board Agenda

A well-planned agenda for your board sets the tone for your meetings. It helps ensure that your board members are involved in generative discussions and productive decision-making. It also facilitates the sharing of new insights and perspectives. But the secret to a winning board agenda is much more than just creating an agenda of topics for your meeting. It requires a certain amount of skill, art, and discipline.

When planning your agenda, be sure to include time limits for each item. This can prevent meetings from going over time and will help ensure that crucial issues get adequate attention. It is also crucial to prioritize and balance the amount of strategic plans for the long term with reports and old business. It’s usually recommended to keep the discussion of strategic goals at the top of the agenda, leaving reports for the last, so that your board can focus on the important aspects of the company.

Think about bringing in an impartial facilitator or board member to help in the process of strategic planning. This person can help bring fresh perspectives to the discussion, and guide your board to adopt an approach that is more strategic when making decisions.

Before your meeting of the strategic board give the agenda and any relevant documents to board members well ahead of time. This allows them to look over the materials in advance and develop ideas for the meeting.