The Road to Successful Deal Execution

The thrill of signing the deal is among the most thrilling aspects of any M&A transaction. The excitement of signing the deal is among the most thrilling moments in any M&A transaction.

The goals they set for themselves for growth in revenue and synergies are often used by acquirers to gauge the success of their deals. If these goals are met or exceeded, the acquirer believes that they have succeeded in generating value through M&A. The reality is that this successes often come at the cost of existing business momentum and operational efficiency.

To avoid this, the acquiring companies should ensure that a clear integration plan is in place before the deal is signed. This process must include thorough due diligence to check the plan’s feasibility and make sure that the right resources are available.

A management team ‘deal champion’ who proactively ensures that the deal process is brought to completion and collaborates with advisers during the assessment phase is crucial. This will help avoid the typical M&A risk of losing interest, which could cause deals to be canceled mid-process.

For acquiring companies to accelerate and enhance their M&A processes, it’s important to have the right understanding of the capital markets. PitchBook’s objective, reliable information allows companies to better justify valuations, enhance discussions, and ensure efficient M&A.