Science and Business Integrated Programs

From insulin to the Internet, scientific research has underpinned many of the most significant technological advances. It’s only natural, then, that science and business would work together since companies require new technologies in order to survive, while scientists profit from the commercialization of their discoveries.

However, this is not always the case. Some inventions from science are never commercialized. This could be due the method by which innovation credit is distributed. For instance, a scientist could include their technician as a coinventor but this does not necessarily view it now reflect the real contribution each one made to the research that led to the discovery. What’s more important, however, are the differences in attitudes and goals that limit the free exchange of ideas. Business talks of sustainable profits, for instance while science focuses on the sustainability of a certain level that doesn’t lead to the over-exploitation of resources.

Collaboration is the key to success in science and business. Business and scientists must learn to speak each other’s language, pay attention to their concerns, and come up with innovative ways to bridge the gap.

Top universities like Woxsen offer integrated science and business courses that allow students to get the best of both worlds. Students in these programs concentrate on a specific area of science while also taking courses that are part of the general business curriculum. This program helps students acquire the skills necessary to succeed in various areas of business, including intellectual property management and mutual funds, sales of technical products and much more.