MASH Policy Minnesota Association of Sober Homes

While the state does not have a licensing program for sober living homes, some cities, like Andover, still do. MASH certifies sober living homes via an online application called Certemy. You must email to get a link to the application.

mash list minnesota sober housing

Policy and procedures that address residents’ prescription and non-prescription medication usage and storage consistent with the residence’s level and with relevant state law. Verification that written resident’s rights and requirements (e.g. residence rules and grievance process) are posted or otherwise available in common areas. Grievance policy and procedures, including the right to take grievances that are not resolved by the house leadership to the operation’s oversight organization for mediation. Policies and procedures that keep residents’ records secure, with access limited to authorized staff. A policy and practice that residents be informed of payments from 3rd party payers for any fees paid on their behalf. Policy and procedures that ensure all residents are age eighteen or older at time of admission.


Evidence that residents’ recovery progress and challenges are recognized and strengths are celebrated. Evidence that residents have opportunities to be heard in the governance of the residence; however, decision making remains with the operator. Evidence that some rules are made by the residents that the residents (not the staff) implement. Policies and procedures regarding collection of resident’s information.

mash list minnesota sober housing

By calling the helpline you agree to the terms of use. We do not receive any commission or fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a caller chooses. There is no obligation to enter treatment.

How to Increase Your Chances of Staying Sober While in Minnesota Sober Living Houses

They are not licensed and are not funded by the state. Minnesota sober living homes are particularly beneficial to individuals who have completed rehab at inpatient treatment centers and require transitional residences. Although the houses do not make completing addiction treatment a prerequisite to entry, persons who have completed rehab can have a better stay in rehab. Halfway houses are temporary residences that accommodate ex-prisoners readjusting to the outside world. Additionally, halfway homes accept individuals court-ordered to serve a predetermined sentence and those seeking a sober atmosphere to recover from substance abuse.

Residents at Minnesota sober living homes usually have some free time at the end of their daily activities. To maintain sobriety, tenants of these homes can develop new hobbies, as boredom and idleness can lead some residents back to substance abuse. They can learn to exercise, read, paint, write, and do yoga, among other things. Residents also go to work after the morning activities, while unemployed residents go job hunting. One benefit of living in sober living homes is that they help unemployed tenants secure gainful employment. While looking for jobs, individuals who qualify for government benefits can use such funds to fund their stay.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living Home in Minnesota

This isn’t easy, however, but we provide our residents with all of the tools and resources that they need to take this important step towards sober living. Another nice perk of The Anthony House is that we do not place our residents on a time limitation. We’re committed to taking as much time as needed to help you achieve a sober lifestyle so that you can get back to living a normal life. St. Paul outpatient treatment mash certified sober homes center helping individuals breakthrough barriers to live a more healthy and empowered life. Male and Female treatment program available as well as sober housing while actively enrolled in treatment program. Our mission is to support persons in recovery from addiction by improving their access to quality recovery residences through standards, support services, placement, education, research and advocacy.