How to Select the Best Board Portal Software

The best software for boards helps board meetings and communication by providing a central location to share documents. It also makes it simple for board members to create agendas, documents and binders. This decreases the amount of time it takes for boards to meet and also saves money by removing the need for physical materials such as binders, paper, and courier services.

When choosing a portal to your company, consider looking at the reviews of various options and compare prices. Be sure to consider the total cost of ownership, which includes the cost of training for board members and administration as well as set-up fees for committees, the use of mobile apps, and the other costs associated with implementation and ongoing usage. Assess the level of support offered by the vendor. This includes speed of their response and how skilled their support staff is.

A trusted portal provides many features that can improve collaboration, governance practices and ensure that your organization is current with the regulatory requirements. These features include:

When you are evaluating a service, you should focus on two things that matter: value and service. The majority of providers look similar on the surface, however there are significant differences in how simple they are to use and in the quality of support they provide.