How to Install Wi-Fi Signal Boosters

It’s essential that your WiFi signal moves from one room to the next whether you’re streaming your favorite movie in the basement or following a guideline to install laminate flooring. To eliminate WiFi dead zones, and to improve your speed when surfing the internet, you’ll require an WiFi signal booster or extender.

A WiFi signal booster (also called wireless range extender) pulls in an existing weak Wi-Fi signal and amplifies it before broadcasting it out to more areas. This process expands the WiFi coverage area and allows users to access the internet without using their data services or being disconnected.

The most secure document sharing common kind of WiFi booster is a powerline Wi-Fi extender which utilizes your home’s electrical wiring to rebroadcast the WiFi signal and boost the speed of your internet. Installation is simple and quick. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet close to your router or wherever else you need an additional boost in WiFi.

There are many different WiFi signal boosters with different designs, range, and power of amplifying. Some of them have an integrated wall plug or desktop design, while others are much larger and have stronger external antennas which can improve WiFi signal throughout many rooms. Additionally certain devices can act as both a Wi-Fi extender and a repeater. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Regardless of which device you choose, you’ll want to put it in a clear space free of walls or other appliances which could impact its performance.