Data Rooms and Capital Raising

Data rooms are known to bring value to companies that are acquired However, they also bring immense benefits to businesses that are raising capital. They function as a central hub for organising, sharing, and managing the critical documents that investors will require to look over in their due diligence process and a virtual Data Room allows you to accelerate your fundraising and increase confidence in the performance of your business.

Choosing what to include in your investor data room is a daunting task for founders. While the requirements of every company will differ, the majority of investors are looking for similar things. To assist you in establishing your investor data room we’ve compiled a checklist of common documents to include in your investor information room, as well as suggestions on how to organize the documents.

A brief introductory pitch deck – a basic PDF of your pitch that can be stored in the same spot with your other documents is the perfect way to quickly engage with investors. It is also a great way to show investors that you care in ensuring transparency and communication with investors.

By including past investor updates, it shows that you’ve always taken their feedback into account and are willing to share it with them even when the results haven’t been great. Alongside providing proof of your ability to manage through difficult times the updates can show the deepness of your relationships with backers and build confidence in the investment process. Tracking functionality within your Data Room helps you to keep track of which investors are interacting with the documents and the time they’re spending in each folder. This gives you a glimpse into the level of commitment they have to investing, and provides you with the information you need to make a decision.