Data Rooms and Capital Raising

Data rooms are well-known for their ability to generate value for companies that are being acquired However, they also bring enormous benefits to companies that are raising capital. As a central place to organize, share, and managing the essential documents that an investor will be looking over during their due diligence process A virtual Data Room allows you to speed up your fundraise and give you more confidence in your company’s performance.

It can be challenging for founders to decide what details they would like to include in their investor data room. While the requirements for each company will differ, most investors will require similar elements. To assist you in establishing your investor data room we’ve compiled the list of documents that you should to include in your investor data room, along with suggestions of how to arrange them.

A brief introductory pitch deck – a simple PDF of your pitch which can be stored in the same location as your other documents – is an effective way to swiftly engage investors. It’s also a great opportunity to show that you take your transparency and communication with investors seriously.

Include previous investor updates to demonstrate that you’ve always taken into account their feedback and are willing communicate with them, even if the results were not so great. These updates not only show your ability to cope with an uncertain time, but also build confidence with your investors. The tracking feature in your Data Room allows you to monitor which investors are engaging with the documents, as well as the amount of time they spend in each folder. This will give you an idea of the level of commitment investors have to investing and give you the information required to make an informed decision.