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It dealt with developing great quality items that could meet the consumers’ demands by concentrating on the quality, performance, cost price, ease of availability and convenience in an eco-friendly way. The stage that was called the stage of “Environmental” green marketing was the second stage. Clean technology, involving designing of new and innovative products that could take care of contamination and wastage problems were the areas that were emphasized upon. The main objective of GreenPro certification is to facilitate green product market transformation in India through product certification. Based on a holistic framework, the “Greeness” of the product is assessed and also highlights the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance. Ertification green products, there are a couple of wa being duped into buying a fake, though rough any supermarket will yield produ “eco-friendly,” “biodegradable” and m ill make you feel warm and fuzzy about th uld be false.


Eco-friendly products do not harm the environment or the ecology during their production, use, or disposal. It is often made of natural products, but care is taken not to harm nature, even if the raw materials are natural. An Environmental Product Declaration is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmentalimpact of products. As a voluntary declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, having an EPD imply that the declared product is environmentally Conscious than their alternatives. Qinghua Zhu, Joseph Sarkis, Kee-hung Lai, 2008, Confirmation of a measurement model for green supply chain management practices implementation, Int.


Redesigning existing products with an eye towards these same consumers. Just merely adding the terms ’green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ doesn’t make it one. Using manipulative texts or imagery in the communication messages which give a hint to environmental friendliness could be greenwashing too. Green marketing out there is not only meant for nature but it’s always going to benefit the company in the long run. This has resulted in opening up a new domain of marketing as there’s a billion opportunity for brands that make their sustainability credentials clear. In this article, we have provided a complete guide on Green Marketing, Its Importance & Benefits.

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They suggested that tax incentives were highly influence the consumers for willing to pay the green products. The best part of green products is they can be recycled and could be used again & again for a long time for different purposes. Some products likebamboo productsare biodegradable to get from nature without harming the environment. When you move from daily use products togreen products, you have to know that you are contributing to saving the environment.

Tax Saving Investment Made Simple

Green marketing (also known as eco-marketing or sustainable marketing) is the practice of marketing products based on their environmental benefits. Effective green marketing requires not only the ability to communicate a green message, but also the ability to research, analyze, plan, and coordinate the diverse components of that message in a profit-driven business environment. A good marketing program can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to accomplish these tasks. Green marketing is a marketing philosophy that promotes the production and selling of pure (eco-friendly) products with the protection of ecological balance.

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The money collected from this tax helps governments in carrying our various ecological projects in the country. ClearTax offers taxation & financial solutions to individuals, businesses, organizations & chartered accountants in India. ClearTax serves 1.5+ Million happy customers, 20000+ CAs & tax experts & 10000+ businesses across India. Greentech can often be one of the stated goals of a business segment or company. These goals are typically outlined in a company’s environmental, sustainability, and governance statement, or can even be the focused mission statement of a firm.

Green product certification is an important piece in the transformation of the built environment eco system. Besides eco-friendly approach to the environment, the use of green products in construction sector is increasing over the years due to rise in concerns about indoor health and wellbeing due to carcinogenic volatile organic compounds . In green building projects, Green Products are given prominence in form of achievement points to encourage all stakeholders to choose green products. Customer meetings is carried out for green purposes also interaction and feedback from customers is taken on green product to create awareness about green concept and green manufacturing. Green Design is also called as sustainable designer environmental design, environmentally sustainable design or environmentally conscious design.

Green Marketing Opportunities

The aim is to establish the stage of manufacture, marketing, and usage of the product so that consumers are persuaded to opt for ecologically responsible and sustainable consumption. According to a Unilever survey, one-third of customers opt for socially and environmentally focused purchases from brands. Green marketing has been an effective tool regarding the need for all of us to be more aware of how our lifestyle has impacted our environment. We have damaged our streams, rivers, and oceans, and the air that we breathe.

The eco-mark is needed for green products meaning like cosmetics, leather goods paints, lubricant oil, plastic products, batteries, etc… Handicraft items and clay products are also made by giving protection to environment as they are made from environment friendly materials. Many Indian brands are working towards the moment to save the world and rather than using plastic products, we just have to come over the green and eco-friendly products and start using them.

Those products are made up of nature to maintain the proper balance between humans and nature. Therefore, these products are getting too much attention nowadays because they will not harm the environment and the quality of the product. If we talk about Eco-friendly Products, they are good to use than non-disposable products, and there are many pros of using them. The importance of eco-friendly products is, they are safe to use for us and for nature too.

Green Pricing

Relationship marketing does not focus on immediate sales; it is directed at building a large group of satisfied and loyal customers that advocate the business firm and its product. Rational and sensible customers highly appreciate the efforts of business firms towards environmental protection. In environment-friendly marketing, natural material that has less harm to the earth arc used. Therefore, business organizations do not need to invest a lump sum of money for cleaning and public health. Be ready to experience a lot of changes if you want to create a sustainable business model.

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Every part of the company, from production, packaging to publicity and relations, is touched by green marketing. It aims to focus on the one goal, profit through sustainable development, in every marketing approach. The new culture of buying organic and eco-friendly products has ultimately shifted the focus to the new domain of marketing i.e. green marketing. A completely new market of green consumers who are out there to buy green products than non-green products. The key barrier to sustainable business practices, such as green procurement, is the short-term cost.

The environmental problems are the result of mass consumption and production across the globe. Due to limited resources, an extra caution is needed from both the consumers and the producers. Therefore, awareness is needed for the protection of environment.

Some companies even go a step further by allotting a portion of their revenue to environmentally friendly initiatives such as planting trees. Educate customers on the importance of green marketing and how they can use green products. This will help to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Usage of eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recycled paper, cardboard, and biodegradable plastics.

Come up with environment-friendly packaging ideas using recycled substances. In short, using eco-friendly products will preserve the planet and all its inhabitants from the ill effects of human activities. LCA provides a comprehensive view of the environmental aspects of the product/ building and its processes and presents an accurate picture of the true environmental trade-offs in product and process selection. These Terms of Use, as the same may be amended from time to time, will prevail over any subsequent oral communications between you and the Website and/or the processor bank. No Information at this Website shall constitute an invitation to invest in ABCL or any ABC Companies.

Why Organizations Are Taking Up Green Marketing?

These umbrellas are made of recycled and eco-friendly products. Green Selling- Organizations keep on producing for all intents and purposes a similar item, however, they include some “new” environmental advantages in their advancement battles to exploit the increasing customer base in the environment. Green marketing endeavours with respect to the organizations stay concerned just with promotional activity, without any effort to create items which are genuinely green when it is practised in this form. Talked about green marketing being a tool for protecting the environment for future generation. Introduced several papers that were discussed in the July 1998 issue of ‘Journal of Marketing Management’ which focused on green marketing.

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Investing in green products is a surefire way to market your business as being eco-friendly. This can include anything from investing in renewable energy sources to using recycled materials in your packaging. Green marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as consumers are more aware of their environmental impact and are more likely to purchase products that are environmentally friendly.

Integrating environmental management procedures into its business processes and in this manner ensuring the earth, wellbeing and security of every one of its partners is the main objected under HCL Ecosafe. HCL resolves to make items that are environment-friendly in all regards and free from dangerous chemicals. Hence, HCL Technologies can be considered as the icon of India’s green initiatives. Due to increase in population across the globe, mass production is inevitable. The manufacturing concerns have to meet the global demands with limited resources.

Greentech is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology and science to create environment-friendly products. The goal of greentech is to protect the environment and in some cases, repair damage done in the past. “Green Home” is not a complicated but simple process in which you can choose your preferred design and save around 20% on electricity and water costs, which is recovered within 2-3 years. Aavas Financiers Limited provides you with the technical and financial support to build a green home.

Green marketing is centred around modern ideas that are critical for our planet. It effectively reduces air pollution, animal cruelty, and other environmental concerns. Using green marketing will allow your customers to live responsible lives while protecting resources for future generations.